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ARIA Endurance

Personalized Coaching 


  • Custom endurance and triathlon training plan: Daily detailed workouts designed to your ability and time constraints.

  • Testing: Will provide an understanding of Perceived Exertion. Heart rate zones. Functional threshold power for the bike. Run and swim paces. An education on balancing perceived exertion and metrics.

  • Strength training advice and routines.

  • Plans delivered via Final Surge.

  • Recovery Tactics: Advice and injury prevention suggestions.

  • Ability to adjust schedule as needed.

  • Training and racing progress reviewed.

  • Race strategy: execution, power, and pace recommendations, equipment, nutrition, recommendations.

  • Nutrition counseling: Nutrient timing, sports nutrition, race day planning.

  • Unlimited communication:  Email, text, and a minimum of one phone call or skype per month.

  • Lifestyle: Time-management, stress reduction strategies, healthy habits, and goal achievement.

  • No resource will be left untapped to help you achieve your goals.

  • Prices for triathlon coaching start at $300 per month. 

  • Contact us to discuss pricing for one sport coaching.


Resident Advantage

  • If you are a resident of Long Island, NY in addition to the personalized coaching benefits you will receive video analysis in sport(s) of your choosing with recommendations.

  • One on One coaching for testing.

Purposeful Plans

  • A personalized endurance and triathlon training plan for a given race or season without the constant feedback. After a one on one consultation we provide you with a periodized plan based on your personal goals and time constraints.

  • This allows you to train with a purpose instead of following a generic plan.

  • A great alternative to personalized coaching. 

  • Prices start at $150-$200 and vary depending on length of plan.


  • Phone, Skype, In Person

  • Periodization: Yearly, "A" Race, Weekly.

  • Recovery techniques

  • Injury prevention programs

  • Time management

  • Nutrition

  • Learning & Implementing power

  • Sport specific efficiency & technique reviews.

  • One on One coaching session in sport of choice (swimming, biking, running, strength training).

  • Speaking & Lecturing engagements

  • Price Per Hour

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